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Dr. Marleny Guio Mesa

General Dentist

Dr. Marleny Guio is a general dentist who graduated in 1986 from the Colombian School of Denistry, specializing in transforming smiles through cosmetic and restorative procedures.She is a Master of the Implant prosthetic Section of the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologist)

She worked two years in the health department of the Colombian National Army. She then came to Miami to revalidate her career at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Upon approval by the Florida National Board of Dentistry, she became a professional licensed dentist in 1991.

For 20 years Dr. Guio has been working in the heart of Miami improving and transforming smiles. Offering cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Her motivation every day is to help patients understand the importance of oral health and how it affects their well-being. As an oral health professional, Dr. Guio is up to date on the newest methods and procedures in order to offer patients the best they deserve.

Dr. Guio strives to serve patients with extremely gentle and professional care, knowing that every patient is special and unique. Her greatest joy and reward is seeing her patients achieve the transformed smile they have always wanted.

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Dental Hygienist

Tamara arrived to Miami in 1998 from Cuba, where she was born, and had studied Dentistry at the University of Dentistry in Havana City. After she earned two state’s boards as part of a brief dental hygiene program in Miami Dade College; she got her license as a dental hygienist in the State of Florida. She has worked at our dental office for two years, beginning in 2003, and came back in 2010. She loves her profession and provides extraordinary and kind dental care to all our patients. She informs you on the latest preventive care, correct dental cleaning procedures and is present for follow-ups.

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Office Manager

Maritza originally from Bogota, Colombia she has worked at Dr. Guio’s office, for the past 7 years covering various duties.

Knowledgeable with dental insurance and management task, she has been a wonderful help to our patients. When walking in, her warm smile and kind attention is always present. With an open and exceptional character she is always representing the Family Dentistry’s open doors.

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Dental Assistant

Katherine is originally from Cali, Colombia. She joined our dental family in 2009 and has been our attentive dental assistant. Kathy assists Dr.Guio with various procedures: basic cosmetic, restorative and surgical. She is calming and kind. Always working hard to see that our patients are treated well and feel comfortable being here. She has seen smiles transform and is there every step of the way.

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Luis Alberto

Dental Lab Technician

Luis came to Miami from Bogota, Colombia. He had studied Dental lab techniques and architecture. He has been working in Dr.Guio’s office for more than 20 years as a Professional Dental Lab Technician. With his responsible and exceptional attitude he assists patients and is also the Office Administrator.


ALL PPO Insurances are accepted.
Teeth Whitening for INS patients only

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6-12-18-24 Months low payment, zero interest.


You can get


- Exams X-Rays -
- Cleaning-Teeth Whitening -
- Bondings - Crowns -
- Surgical Extractions -
- Invisalign -
- Implants -

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